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Travel to Llanes

Steps and suggested way to travel to Llanes, Asturias:

It’s recommended to fly through Dallas to Madrid (try to not fly through Newark- flight might be delayed or rescheduled. However, no problem if you must) Pick up bags at baggage claim in Madrid and fly from Madrid to Santander (flight is about 1 hour - the preferred method) 

Or take a train from Madrid to Torrelavega (4 hours) and get a taxi from there - about 30-45 minutes to Llanes and approximately 80 euros.Or if the flight to Santander is unavailable - fly to the Oviedo/Aviles airport.

We recommend getting a taxi or even renting a car (same price as in the US; approximately 100 euros for taxi Santander-Llanes & you can split the cost between friends) and driving to Llanes. It’s about 1 hour from Santander - a beautiful scenic drive.

Arrive at your Airbnb or hotel in town

Travel tips: pick an early flight just in case it gets delayed. Leave at least 2 hours in between flights.

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